October 30, 2011

Sunday thoughts!


ohhhh it's almost Halloween's night... are u going trick or treating???
isn't it dreamy this illustration?? I like it :)

October 25, 2011

Accostamenti infiniti

via Instagram  / via Flickr by Brian de Souza

Pieces of fabric and digital abstract art. I love how one color merge into the other creating color shades :)

October 16, 2011

Sunday thoughts!


"Non leggo mai, guardo solo le figure"  
Andy Warhol

October 13, 2011

Weekly finds!

A weekly appointment with the Etsy Italia team :)

see more collage at our blog

October 2, 2011

Sunday thoughts!

Isn't this funny!!!!
Let's smile all together :D

"La vita √® breve. Sorridiamo finch√© abbiamo ancora i denti"
ok la traduzione rende sempre meno dell'originale :)
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