March 28, 2010

Spring time....

This morning I was surfing the Internet when I found this shop "Rules by Mary" (a Swedish fashion brand) and I was absolutely in love with the photos... Gorgeous shots !!! When I saw them, the butterfly, the colors I just thought to On your head an Italian creative girl that made beautiful headpins, headbands, brooches...


Questa mattina stavo navigando in internet quando ho trovato questo negozio "Rules by Mary" (un marchio Svedese) e mi sono innamorata delle foto... fantastiche!! Quando le ho viste, le farfalle, i colori, ho subito pensato ad On your head una creativa italiana che plasma bellissime mollettine per capelli, cerchietti, spille....

March 27, 2010

Interior style: jewelry

Penelope Batley, interior design, arredamento, giant jewelry, Penelope Batley

What do you think??? isn't it an amazing idea!!

Giant pieces of jewelries that become part of our house ... like precious pieces of art they are going to light up our space!!! The funny things is that you can adorn your home as you would adorn yourself!!!

Gigantesche collane e orecchini diventano parte del nostro arredamento... come preziosi pezzi d'arte illuminano le nostre case!!! La cosa divertente è che puoi abbellire la tua casa come vorresti abbellire te stessa!!!

March 24, 2010

Gufobardo & Relydesign

Collaborations between people is great and this earrings are born thanks to an idea of Gufobardo, at Italian artist that I met joining the Etsy Italia team!!

She gave me the idea of print one of hers draw and then fold the paper so the result is a jewel that enclose your favorite image and you are the only one who know the memories and the affections that it preserves.

The amazing thing is that you can also choose a draw of your kids, a diploma, a special and romantic letter from your love…. And of course you don’t have to send me the original, just a photo of it (I need a good quality one)!! you can check it out here: the phoenix's tulip

What do you think?? I think that is a great way to let you became a part of the jewel, because you can actually choose the pattern;)

Relydesign, gufobardo

Let’s talk about Gufobardo!

She is of course a really creative artist, I love people that can draw in such a gorgeous way… I’d like to be as good as she is but I am not!!! Her draws are magic and the figures are kind of spirits and fairies!!! Of course I am one of her customers and I am waiting my special moleskina!!!! One of her last project is to decorate moleskina’s diaries they become special and unique pieces of her talent.

Moleskina, handmade, gufobardo

She also made surrealistic jewelries with buttons, wire, shells, geamstone… like samples of an amazing world that she want to show as, and handmade animals, like the bear in the picture, really well made!

Gufobardo Etsy shop

March 21, 2010

Etsy - Euro week - Italian team

What does it mean??? A lot of great offerts from all the European we are in !!!
The pictore show you just some of the amazing shops that you can find on Etsy, with promotions ;) so if you want to know more you just have to go to Etsyitaliateam blog and check them out ;)))) 

March 20, 2010

Euro week on Etsy....

Have a look:

These are just some great artists of the European street team ;)
Next week: 22-28 March 2010 it's a special week on Etsy ! It will be dedicate to all the European creative people ;) The gorgeous things is that some of these sellers are going to do interesting offers!! You can check them out on the European street team blog!

What do you think?? Isn't it fantastic??

I am also doing something :
Relydesign_paper jewelries & cards 

March 14, 2010

Fashion: photos & illustrations

a_Christian Geisselman b_Eduard Erlikn c_ d_Anna see
Fashion it's not just clothes and accessories.. it's also photos and illustrations !!! 
I always dreamt to be good to do illustrations...but unfortunately I am not ;( I remember that when I was little I was used to think something like a picture and in my head this image was amazing... but every time I tried to put this idea on a piece of paper I was unable to do like I thought!!!

March 13, 2010

Week-end deals ...

Just for this week-end our team "EtsyItaliaTeam" is offering great promotions:
free shipping

I chose, in the picture, just some of them so go to our blog and check all the shops out !!
This is a great opportunity if you are looking for something handmade and italian, of course ;)

Have a nice week-end!!!

March 6, 2010

Colors & design....

I love when design it's not only black & white and serious... It's great when the design stuff is full of colors ;) it makes me smile!!!
In the picture you can see just some ideas of design and colors!!! I'd love to have in my future home a kartell chair... so perfect and minimal....
I love also the kartell's sandal ;) women are crazy for shoes we know that!!!!

What do you think about the matitone radiator??? Isn't it fun? It will be perfect for the kid's room!!!

bye have a nice week-end!!!
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