March 14, 2010

Fashion: photos & illustrations

a_Christian Geisselman b_Eduard Erlikn c_ d_Anna see
Fashion it's not just clothes and accessories.. it's also photos and illustrations !!! 
I always dreamt to be good to do illustrations...but unfortunately I am not ;( I remember that when I was little I was used to think something like a picture and in my head this image was amazing... but every time I tried to put this idea on a piece of paper I was unable to do like I thought!!!


  1. Ciao Rely!
    Ho scoperto il tuo blog in uno dei miei momenti di vagabondaggio nel web.
    Grazie e ricambio in pieno! :)
    Aras del blog Arasworldinlove

  2. Ciao Aras
    Adoro anch'io scovare blog ;)

  3. I have kind of grown to my drawing style so that I don't get that feeling anymore, though I remember what you speak of :-)

    Your blog is very nice and filled with beauty! Keep up the good work!


  4. Thanks siret!!!
    oh so you know what you mean!!! But i saw your blog and web are such a good painter ;) lucky you!!! My compliments ;)


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