February 16, 2010

Relydesign on Mommy the Marketer

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A week ago I read an amazing post about Gufobardo on Mommy the marketer ... I also read about the opportunity to get promoted... so I sent an email to Amber and she answered me back in a really kind way ;) Yesterday she contacted me and she told me that she was going to put me and my shop on her website.... i was really happy !!
You can see also the post on her blog : Mommy the marketer blog .
The words that she used to describe my creations are amazing I couldn't do it in a better way...
so if you want to know more about me go and have a look ;)

Amber etsy shop


  1. Ebbrava la mia piccolina..... son proprio contenta....
    Mommy ha ragioni creazioni meravigliose....

  2. Grazie Rita troppo gentile ;)
    anch'io sono felice ;) yuppie ;)


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