September 26, 2011


Relydesign_Geometrical brooch

Autumn with its poetical colors and colder's arrived also here in Italy!!!
I love the shade of the leaves in autumn and how they changed..  i love also the pumpkin color and that is why i made a brooch with this rusty color :) in the middle of the octagon there is part of a vintage button illustrating a giraffe.. another similarity with the color of the brooch.

Yesterday i really had fun making this POLYVORE style collage... autumnal leaf... pumpkin... an adorable pullover...and of course my brooch :D click on the picture or link to have some details and of course to have some fun you too :)

Last but not least, this lovely color it's also part of many great creations on ETSY 

Studiotuesday / BlueberryBayPhotos / Baymut


  1. Beautiful brooch! perfect for Autumn^_^

  2. bellissima nel colore e nel suo genere!

  3. Grazie mille Ilenia :)))

    Grazie Marinatea!

  4. We hope for a sunny autumn and that the winter will stay away. But first snow on Saturday morning didn't look alike...
    Your collage is fun! But clicking on it leads me to error.


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