February 15, 2011

Flickr favorite

Flickr, miniature, tiny

Ahhhh lately every Tuesday I want to make the Flickr favorite and every week it's already Wednesday ... so this week I wanted absolutely to make it :DDD It's almost 8 but I did it :DD
The title for this collage could be "from a different point of view"!
Love miniatures and little things, they are like treasury! :D
Ahhhh ultimamente ogni Martedì voglio postare il Flickr favorite e tutte le settimane è già mercoledì e non sono riuscita a farlo :(... quindi questa settimana mi sono impegnata e... eccolo!!!! Sono ormai le otto ma ci sono riuscita!!! hihihihi
Il titolo potrebbe essere "da un differente punto di vista"!!!
Adoro le miniature e tutto ciò che è minuscolo...sono dei piccoli tesori! :D

To see more Flickr favorite: Artmind


  1. ma che amore il lettino...

  2. grazie per la tua visita :)

  3. I love it! I love tiny things and especially when looked at from a different view!
    Your wording made me smile - haha - it's OK to add your fav's whenever you feel like it, sweet! You have a week before the links close. ;)

  4. How precious! I love miniatures too...used to collect them as a kid.

  5. What an awesome collection! Love it!

  6. So cute finds! Love the little bed. I guess even for a dollhouse this is too small, right?

    Btw... we've been late for the Flickr Favourites, too. But didn't care :D

  7. @sissi eheheh
    @MJ grazie a te!!!
    @Siii Ilenia è carinissimo
    @Artmind eheheheh noooooo I want to post it the Tuesday I am kind of maniac in this things ;D ehehehehe the Tuesday (in my mind) is the day of the Flickr favorite :DDDD
    @gale yes miniature are soo cute!
    @thanks Gnomeangel
    @thanks Sandra :==D
    @yeap Nauli I think that too..it's so tiny ;D hihhiihi

  8. Ed io che sono piccina picciò, non posso che apprezzare queste miniature :-)


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