February 16, 2011

Let's have some fun

graph, app, colorsFrom Nauli's blog I found this strange and funny App that turn the structure of your blog into a graph. The result it's amazing and every colors have also a different meaning ;D
Dal carinissimo blog di Nauli, ho trovato questa interessante e divertente App che trasforma il tuo blog/sito in un grafico. Il risultato รจ favoloso e ogni colore ha un signifaicato diverso :)


  1. It's fun, right? And amazing to see that your's look so different to ours - more synchron... hmmm does that mean that our blog has a chaotic structure?
    Thank you for linking back!

  2. eheheh yeap it's fun!!!
    ahahah no your blog doesn't have a chaotic structure :D I realized that every time you do the graph the result it's different :DDD


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