March 22, 2011

Flickr favorite

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This week my flickr favorite is about the marvelous Japan, it's really sad to see how the forces of nature have been cruel and it's also amazing to see how this people are respectful and they suffer in silence with a lot of dignity. We have a lot to learn from them!
Questa settimana il mio flickr favorite riguarda il meraviglioso Giappone, é tristissimo vedere come le forze della natura si siano abbattute crudelmente su questo popolo ed è altrettanto interessante vedere come loro siano rispettosi e soffrano in silenzio con moltissima dignità Abbiamo molto da imparare da loro.

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  1. Great mosaic and a lovely tribute!

  2. Beautiful mosaic! So sad to see this happen and my heart aches when I think of the pain and loss these people go through...

  3. Thanks Dindi :D

    Yes Artmind, completely agree with you1:(


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