May 8, 2012

Interior tips - Frames

You probably already know I am an interior designer... I drew interior for commercial places and I love it! it's fun but also difficult because the new ideas aren't always have to keep your mind trained!!
I decided to start to select for you some interesting images about interior design with tips and interesting stuff :) I hope u will enjoy it!
This week i am going to show u some interesting way to hung your favorite pictures :)


On a plain wall u can mix the frame, playing with colors and giving your wall some vibrancy, it's fun also combining frames and other stuff creating a wall memorabilia, it's a good idea also organize your wall through an horizontal line and hang art above and below it, like the last picture!


  1. Great picks! I enjoy having white walls but then I suffer for horror vacui...This is a stylish solution!

  2. i prefer colorful spaces :).. but i live in a house with white walls due to my parents :( so i keep hanging things ... :P


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